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Start up Evaluation

Embrace certainty and unleash the power of innovation with Valuation.App!

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Our free resources and expert guidance will lead you to success. Don't let traditional valuation methods dim your bright future.

Is traditional valuation leaving your groundbreaking startup in the shadows? You’re not alone. Established methods struggle to capture the true potential of revolutionary ideas. Valuation.App steps in, shining a light on your vision and unlocking the confidence your startup deserves.

Don’t let doubts about valuation hold you back! Valuation.App empowers you to:

Uncertain Startup Valuation?

Start building a successful future.

Why is startup valuation different?

Forget historical data and rigid metrics. Innovation thrives on disruption, not replicating the past. Valuation.App acknowledges this and focuses on the real drivers of success:

Vision & Team

We recognise the powerhouse leadership behind your idea and the transformative potential of your unique concept. Don't let passion and ingenuity overshadow a lack of financial data.

Limited History, Big Dreams

Early stages can be full of challenges, but they should be able to handle you. Valuation.App uses sophisticated methods to uncover your startup's value, even with limited financial history. Traditional approaches focus on established companies with a track record: Valuation.App focuses on the future you're building.

Why trust our model analysis for your future exit?

New business ideas and business models grow in a short time!
Startups turn ideas into businesses. An entrepreneurial founder has a new, innovative idea and tries capitalising on it through a startup.

Startups that can survive have a significant role in economies and create success stories. startup as an entrepreneur searching for repeatable and scalable business models under extreme uncertainty.

Free Business Plan Check

We don't just assess weaknesses; we identify hidden strengths and maximise your model's effectiveness. Our experts will help refine your plan and ensure it attracts the necessary resources to thrive.

Sucess Stories

Vacancy up by 30%

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Free Team Expertise Assessment

Startups have a high failure rate. Thus, investors not only consider an idea but also take into account the management team’s experience. Focus on what matters most – your team and vision. Leadership and potential are key. Having the right people is crucial. Our comprehensive assessment will evaluate your team’s strengths and identify any gaps that need to be filled. Building a dream team ensures your vision has the expertise to reach its full potential.

Unmatched Clarity on Your Worth

Limited history? Small revenue? No sweat! We use the right methods to find your true value.

The literature includes different methods for pre-money Valuation, such as the Berkus Method, Risk Factor Summation Method, Scorecard Valuation Method, Comparable Transactions Method, Book Value Method, Liquidation Value Method, Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) Method, First Chicago Method, and Venture Capital Method. In the report, we explain your startup position among these methods.

Invest in more than just valuation, invest in confidence!  Valuation.App provides the tools, expertise, and clarity you need to unleash your startup’s true potential.

Gain a clear, data-driven picture of your startup’s value proposition. We move beyond traditional metrics to analyse your innovation, market potential, and leadership strength. You’ll receive a comprehensive report that showcases your true worth to investors and stakeholders.

Empower your startup with the tools for confident growth!

Be part of our valuation process!

We understand innovation

Hotel rooms need constant renting, which can be risky but also means potentially higher profits.

We go beyond the numbers.

Staff costs can be a big chunk of a hotel's budget. Understanding these costs is crucial.

We empower your success.

Being part of a big hotel chain can impact how the hotel runs and ultimately, its value.

Our flexible pricing plans

Basic Valuation

(Less than $200k in sales)
  • Certified
  • Accredited Appraiser
  • Fair Market Value Calculation
  • Explanation of Valuation Conclusion
  • Earning Capacity Analysis
  • 10-12 Page Report
  • Financial, Market and Economic Analysis
  • One Valuation Method
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Full Valuation

  • Certified
  • Accredited Appraiser
  • Fair Market Value Calculation
  • Explanation of Valuation Conclusion
  • Earning Capacity Analysis
  • 10-12 Page Report
  • Financial, Market and Economic Analysis
  • One Valuation Method
  • 15-20 Page Report
  • Up to 2 Valuation Methods
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